We Need Your Help – Guest Posts Needed for the week of April 20 – 24


ProfessionalVMware will be going on a bit of a vacation for the week of April 20-24. Rather than leaving you in the cold however, I figured that this would be a great chance to display some of the best work the community has to offer. That said we’re now accepting guests posts for the week of April 20 – 24th.

Picture by: catalystrxn


When I first posted this on Twitter there was some request for topics. I’ll leave that up to you. As long as it fit’s in the overall theme of VMware Virtualization.

What does that mean? Business cases are fine. Automation case studies, also fine. That script you wrote last week, that cool thing you did with the maps function in the VI client. All fine.

What isn’t? Pictures of your cat and stories about your family. Really… you can share them in the comments, but don’t be upset when their not posted.

Where do I send my post?

There are any number of ways to contact me about posting:

  1. E-mail. It’s listed on the about page.
  2. Comments! On this post or others, just drop me a line.
  3. Twitter. @cody_bunch

When do you need them by?

Any time is a good time. As long as it’s before 4/20/09.

Will you edit my post?

Maybe. I’ll give it a once over, make some corrections if needed, and may throw in a picture for some color. If there is anything major, I’ll work with you to help get it sorted.

Hope that was all the questions. If not, hit me up in the comments or on Twitter (linked above). Let’s get those posts rolling!

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