Moving to the Cloud. Cloud Sites By Mosso That Is

Some of you may remember the downtime we had back in December. I know that I do.

That got me thinking, and talking, and talking and thinking. Apparently, after talking to Pancil a bit, and him then talking to Rob Lagesse at Mosso. We decided that the best long term home for ProfessionalVMware, was over on CloudSites.

What will the CloudSites do for me? – Well, with luck, it wont go down for 48 hours solid. More importantly, it scales… not just scales, but "Digg Proof” kinda scaling. Woot!

So, over the weekend I’ll be migrating the site over to Mosso. So there may be some intermittent downtime as we switch from one to the next. In the meantime, I have a bit of a demo site up over at 

Let me know what’s broke!

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