VMware NSX Edge Gateway & Distributed Firewall with Tim Davis @aldtd #vBrownBag #vExpert

Tim Davis wraps up the mini NSX ninja series discussing Edge Gateways (ESG) and Distributed Firewall (DFW). VMware NSX Edge Gateway & Distributed Firewall Video Show Notes *About vBrownBag* – Edge Integrated Network Services (3:00) – Edge network palcement – (4:50) – Edge Summary (6:00) – Edge vs Distributed Firewall (10:30) – Edge Sizing (11:30)[…]

#vBrownBag Follow-Up Networking for VMware Administrators with Chris Wahl (@chriswahl)

Chris Wahl joins the #vBrownBag to cover several chapters from his new book including the differences between physical and virtual networking, the differences between VMware vSphere standard and distributed switches and some design considerations around the use of each. Video You can find Chris on Twitter @chriswahl, his blog http://www.wahlnetwork.com and his new book –[…]