Ubuntu 12.04, DNS, and Static IPs

Having stumbled on the new /etc/resolv.conf methods of Ubuntu 12.04 a number of times, I hope this is useful for you as well. The contents of /etc/resolv.conf in Ubuntu are now controlled by “dns-nameservers #.#.#.#” in your /etc/network/interfaces file, like this: # The primary network interfaceauto eth0iface eth0 inet static    address    netmask    network[…]

Ubuntu Cloning – Mac Address Change Mayhem.

Apparently networking in Ubuntu goes funny when you change it’s Mac Address, and picks up the changed MAC as a new NIC, and assigns it the next number sequentially. While you can get around this by statically setting the MAC address, you generally want to avoid that. Having duplicate MAC addresses is a “Bad Idea”[…]

Screenshot Tour: VMware Converter 4 Beta – Linux Conversion

Screenshot Tour: VMware Converter 4 Beta – Linux Conversion After some fighting, I was unable to get the Windows Converter 4 package installed on my XP VM. However, I did have some great success in installing Converter 4 and converting an Ubuntu 8.04 LTS virtual machine. These screenshots begin after converter is installed. We has[…]