#vBrownBag Follow-Up 640-916 Section 1 (con’t) Cisco DC Fundamentals w Shane Walton (@shane_walton)

In the 2nd part of a 2 part series for the Cisco CCNA-DC 640-916 exam, Shane Walton covers vDCs, VPC, overlay transport virtualization, and more. 640-916 Section 1 Video (con’t) Objectives – Describe FabricPath – Identify differentiators between DCI and network interconnectivity – Describe, configure, and verify vCP and VDC – Describe and configure Nexus[…]

#vBrownBag VCP-NV Follow-Up Objective 6 with Paul McSharry (@pmcsharry)

Paul McSharry joins the #vBrownBag EMEA crew to cover Objective 6 in the VMware Certified Professional – Network Virtualization (VCP-NV) exam. Exam objectives include: Objective 6.1 – Configure and Manage Logical Load Balancing Objective 6.2 – Configure and Manage Logical Virtual Private Networks (VPN) Objective 6.3 – Configure and Manage DHCP/DNS/NAT Objective 6.4 – Configure[…]

#vBrownBag VCP-NV Follow-Up Objective 5 with Todd Simmons (@trainingrev)

Todd Simmons, VCDX 184, joins the #vBrownBag podcast to cover objective 5 of the VCP-NV exam blueprint. Objectives include: Objective 5.1 – Create and Administer Logical Switches Objective 5.2 – Configure VXLAN Objective 5.3 – Configure and Manage Layer 2 Bridging Objective 5.4 – Configure and Manage Logical Routers VCP-NV Objective 4 Video You can[…]

#vBrownBag VCP-NV Follow-Up Objective 8 with Lawrence Kohan (@lawrencekohan)

Lawrence Kohan covers objective 8 of the VMware VCP-NV exam. Objectives include 8.1 – Configure Roles, Permissions, and Scopes 8.2 – Describe NSX Automation 8.3 – Monitor a VMware NSX Implementation 8.4 – Perform Auditing and Compliance 8.5 – Administer Logging 8.6 – Backup and Recover Configurations VCP-NV Objective 8 Video You can follow Lawrence[…]

#vBrownBag Follow-Up VMware VCP-NV Objective 2 with Ross Wynne (@RossWynne)

Ross Wyne covers objective 2 of the VMware Certified Professional – Network Virtualization (VCP-NV) certification blueprint. Objective 2.1 – Define Benefits of Running VMware NSX on Physical Network Fabrics Objective 2.2 – Describe Physical Infrastructure Requirements for a VMware NSX Implementation Video More information of the exam and the blueprint along with specific tools to[…]