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About Cody Bunch

Cody Bunch is a Private Cloud / Virtualization Architect, VMware vExpert, and VMware VCP from San Antonio, Tx. In addition to tech editing several Virtualization books, Cody is the author of Automating vSphere 5 with vCenter Orchestrator (VMware Press). Cody also regularly speaks at industry events and his local vMUG.


  • 2012 – Wisconsin vMUG User Conference (Here)
  • 2012 – North Carolina vMUG (Here)
  • 2012 – Austin vMUG User Conference (Here)
  • 2011 – VMworld Vegas!
  • 2011 Veeam vPower Roadshow Houston
  • 2010 VMworld San Francisco (Here)
  • 2009 Virtualization Congress (Citrix Synergy 2009)
  • Regular at the San Antonio vMUG


Contact Info

If you need to reach out to Cody, he can be found in the following places:

Twitter: @cody_bunch
Linked-In: Here


VMware vExpert 2011, 2010, 2009, etc
VMware VCP5, VCP4, VCP3
VMware VCP3
RedHat Certified Technician (RHCT)
Microsoft MCSE 2000, 2003

Disclosures / Sponsored by…

It should be stated that my blogging activities are hobbies. With that said, everything I blog here are my own personal opinions, and as such, they do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of my employer.

Further, I don’t make any pretense at being a journalist of any sort, and don’t pretend to be unbiased either (Note the name of the site…). With that said, I am also not trying to be any sort of sneaky either. I do use Amazon and other affiliate links here and there. I have also been known to review books that are sent along by publishers for review. The reviews themselves are honest, and come from having read the book.

A #vBrownBag History

The #vBrownBag podcast is & was the brainchild of Cody Bunch who, while going through some VMware certification studies, thought it would be cool to do those same studies online, through informal and community-focused study groups.

His idea grew and in 2011 the podcast took off like a wildfire. Damian Karlson was added as a co-host, handling the scheduling, hosting (and occasional presenting) of the podcast on a weekly basis. Shortly thereafter Josh Atwell joined the crew, rounding out the US #vBrownBag host team and the beginnings of the core #vBrownBag strategy team.

In 2011 Alastair Cooke joined the strategy team and launched the APAC #vBrownBag based out of New Zealand and offering a community study platform while gathering great presenters from all areas of Australia, New Zealand, and the Asia-Pacific region. Additionally, Nick Marshall , based out of Sydney, stepped up to join the strategy team and to coordinate all of the backend podcast production duties including, but not limited to, video podcast editing & transmogrification, publishing to various RSS & iTunes feeds, and providing technical guidance on the most effective ways to present, record, and produce what was quickly becoming a global community-supported podcast.

In 2012, Gregg Robertson, based out of the UK, joined the strategy team and launched the EMEA version of the #vBrownBag podcast. Gregg works tirelessly to schedule, host, and sometimes present to Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

In late 2012, Kyle Murley joined the strategy team and launched the LATAM #vBrownBag, the first Spanish-only VMware certification broadcast in the world. His broadcast serves all of Latin America, Spain, and all other Spanish speaking areas throughout the world.

Additional #vBrownBag podcasts include Trevor Roberts’ Presenter Spotlight series, and Cody Bunch’s OpenStack podcast series.

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