Episode Followup – AWS CodeCatalyst, AWS Q, & the AI Takeover of Developer Tools with AWS Hero Johannes Koch!

Johannes Koch is an AWS Devtools Hero and Senior Engineer for FICO. In this episode we talk about AWS CodeCatalyst, the new Q service, and do a live demo of having Generative AI “help” us code!

YT https://www.youtube.com/@cicdonaws
blog https://www.lockhead.info
YT on Vision for Blueprints https://youtu.be/Yb6-Kab9IcM?si=L7QvUXVj_uSq4-S8
YT on building blueprints https://youtu.be/V3QJ0DtN9NU?si=-33SvQkOgQQnwqi_
builders introduction for Sean – https://youtu.be/elj3X4h96tc?si=cJnu5R0G4cXWII14

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