Build Day Live with Cohesity – Wrap up

The Cohesity office in San Jose is directly under the flight path to San Jose airport. For the week of the Build Day Live at Cohesity planes were flying close over our heads. It was also great for Jeffrey; his flights were from San Jose. Tracey and I had a bit more of a hike, the direct flight from New Zealand lands at San Francisco, so we had a drive down the 101. We were joined at Cohesity HQ by the Technical Advocacy Group who you may recognize from previous community activities. The team is currently Chris Colotti, Jon Hildebrand, Theresa Miller, and Michael Letschin. The team has been growing, so I wonder which of my friends will join next.

You can find the Build Day Live videos in this playlist on the vBrownBag YouTube channel and linked off the Cohesity page on the Build Day Live site. Right now, the live video and some interview videos are posted. We made a lot of video with Cohesity and will be publishing new videos for weeks.

The four hours of Build Day Live was nowhere near enough to cover all of the features of the Cohesity Data Platform. We focussed on initial deployment, data protection, and data recovery. We also looked at updating and management through SaaS as well as using public cloud storage. I have been working with Cohesity for a few months, I have also looked at replication and failover as well as deploying the Cohesity virtual edition. There is a lot more to the Cohesity cloud and DevOps story than we could tell. I would also like to show more complex recovery as well as protection of non-virtualized workloads. Maybe we will do another event with Cohesity to showcase more features; there is no shortage of useful things that Cohesity can do for you.