2019Q1 vBrownbag recordings at VMUG events

Hi everybody! @arielsanchezmor here 🙂

I am in possession of the old vBrownbag recording kit (camera, tripod, wireless lavalier microphone) so whenever I get permission to record user presentations, I do it. I’m happy to be able to show three sessions from friends near where I lived the Pittsburgh area, from the Pittsburgh VMUG in February and the Columbus UserCon earlier this month.

Here’s the playlist if you want to see all 3.

Greg Bates @pensrule82

Toby Meyer @tbrewmeister

Wes Milliron @wesmilliron

Sadly there’s some things I wish I had caught – parts of the video didn’t focus, the person stepped out of the frame and I didn’t catch it, questions can’t be heard and the presenter didn’t repeat the question – that I can’t fix after the fact. However, I think you’ll find these sessions valuable and I made sure their twitter handle is in the videos and in this post.

I have a couple more meet the vExpert that should be uploaded soon – this week hopefully 🙂