Build Day Live with Supermicro

Yay, Build Day Live is back in 2018. Our first event of the year is with Supermicro and will take place on August 2nd at 9 am Pacific time. We are still working out exactly what we will cram into the live stream; we will only know for sure at the end of the live day. As a minimum, we will deploy VSAN onto a BigTwin. BigTwin is the four servers in a 2U appliance that we often see as a HyperConverged Infrastructure (HCI) appliance. I am very interested in how simple discrete servers and VSAN are to deploy compared with integrated HCI. Hopefully, we will have some Intel Optane drives for ridiculous performance. Maybe we will also be able to show off one of Supermicro’s new storage servers that can hold 32 NVMe drives, for even more storage performance. The third product that we may be able to play with is a GPU loaded server for Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) workloads. With all the AI/ML noise I would like to see a problem solved without months of work by Data Scientists.

In addition to the Build Day Live videos, we will also be working with Keith Townsend to make some CTO Advisor videos. These will focus more on the executive message; why companies should buy from Supermicro and why they can have faith in Supermicro’s ability to execute to support their customers.

In a first for a Build Day Live event, we are working with the Actual Tech Media team to create the Gorilla Guide, Build Day Live Edition book and ebook. The book will be a great way to consume the Build Day Live without watching the videos or to refresh the content in the weeks and months after you watch the live stream.

We are still a couple of weeks away from the Supermicro Build Day Live, today you can register to be sent notifications as we get closer. You can also check out the Supermicro page on our lovely new Build Day Live website as well as the YouTube and Facebook event pages.