Announcing the Oracle Ravello Build Day Live. To the cloud…

The last vBrownBag Build Day of 2017 will be our first Cloud Build Day. Jeffrey and I are headed to Tel Aviv to spend some time with the engineering team at Ravello. The one line summary for Ravello is that it is a cloud management platform that aggregates public clouds. They have their own hypervisor (HVX) that can run on top of AWS, Google, or Oracle public cloud. They also have a software-defined network component that allows enterprise networks to be built on top of those public clouds. Finally, they have a management platform for running collections of VMs across multiple public cloud locations and managing their networks. We first heard of Ravello at OpenStack Summit in 2014, with this TechTalk. Most recently I hosted Navin Thandi and Clay Magouyrk on a sponsored vBrownBag Podcast episode for an update on what has happened at Ravello since they were acquired by Oracle.

One of the big new things is the improved performance that is available when Ravello workloads are run on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. The new options now make Ravello a destination for production workloads, unmodified from on-premises vSphere VMs. We plan to show you how you can migrate an enterprise application to an enterprise public cloud.

Watch the Ravello Build Day Live stream here at 9 am Pacific time on Thursday, December 7th. You can sign up for reminder emails using this form, and while you are in a signing up mood, why not subscribe to the monthly vBrownBag newsletter with this form?

Follow along online with the hashtag #RavelloBuildDay and watch for updates as Jeff and I travel to Israel and spend a few days with Ravello’s developer team. To keep up with all the Build Day events, follow the twitter hashtag #BuildDayLive and watch for updates.