VMware NSX Edge Gateway & Distributed Firewall with Tim Davis @aldtd #vBrownBag #vExpert

Tim Davis wraps up the mini NSX ninja series discussing Edge Gateways (ESG) and Distributed Firewall (DFW).

VMware NSX Edge Gateway & Distributed Firewall Video

Show Notes
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– Edge Integrated Network Services (3:00)
– Edge network palcement – (4:50)
– Edge Summary (6:00)
– Edge vs Distributed Firewall (10:30)
– Edge Sizing (11:30)
– Interface based routing (12:40)
– Edge Load Balancer (14:20)
– Site to Site and User VPN (17:00)
– Edge HA (19:50)
– Distribted Firewall Features and Overview (23:30)
– DFW Policy Enforcement (29:30)
– DFW Data Path (30:20)
– Policy Rule Objects (33:40)
– DFW Management (36:00)
– DFW Sections (38:00)
– Object fields (39:20)
– NSX-V Design Basics (44:00)

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