API Series Coming Soon – Dear Infrastructure People, Time To Learn Some Coding Practices!

**Updated 6/20/17**
Awesome news! Lior Kamrat and Byron Shcaller will be presenting on Terraform APIs on 11/15!!

Hey vBrownBag Readers,

I wanted to let you know about a series we are kicking off on September 6th after VMworld 2017 – think of it as a Zero to API Hero sort of thing – okay, maybe hero is strong. If you haven’t started yet, it is high time we as infrastructure people start to learn some coding practices and leveraging product or platform APIs should be high on your “Things to stay relevant” list.

We will kick of the series with none other than Chris Wahl from Rubrik discussing exactly what an API is, and lay down some basics. Chris will pick back up on 9/20 after VMworld Barcelona show you how to use RESTful APIs. We will continue the series with examples for several different products and platforms from the vSphere 6.5 APIs with Kyle Ruddy, vRA API’s with Jad El Zein, and Rubrik APIs with Rebecca Fitzhugh. We will also show you how to consume those APIs with popular tools like Puppet and Ansible (shameless plug to look at some example Ansible playbooks with vSphere 6.5 APIs) which will lead you right into Commitmas 2017! Wow, I am already talking about Commitmas…

If you would like to get involved, reach out to @jfrappier on the Twitters – we would love to highlight your blog posts, GitHub repos with examples you have built, or ideas for supporting episodes.