vBrownBag TechTalk schedule at VMworld USA

Two weeks and counting. The day is nearly upon us. This year there is a change, the Hang Space is now called the VMvillage. Everything else that you know and love about TechTalks will be back. Some of your favourite presenters with unvarnished truth about making IT work.

Huge thanks to our sponsors: Datrium, Veeam, Ansible by RedHat, and Cisco for making this all possible. Thanks also to the VMware Community team who support us with the venue.

If you cannot make it to VMworld, or the VMvillage, then you can watch the TechTalks live here. As soon as we get the videos on YouTube the schedule below will get links, so you can watch anything you missed.

It isn’t too late to propose a TechTalk, as long as there is space in the schedule you can still present, just fill out this form.

Monday 29th Tuesday 30th Wednesday 31st Thursday 1st
11:00 vExpert Daily vExpert Daily vExpert Daily vExpert Daily
11:30 Steve Athanas, Matt Heldstab – VDI In Higher Ed : From the Trenches Datrium Sponsor – Hugo Patterson – Accelerating a VM’s IO Speed On Demand: A New Design for Mixed Use Private Clouds John Arrasjid, Mark Gabryjelski, Chris McCain – Foundation in the Art of Infrastructure Design
11:45 Datrium Sponsor – Sazzala Reddy – VDI Below $2 / Desktop / Mo.:  New Convergence Model Unlocks Flash-Based Desktop Economics Ivan Camargo – Nutanix vs Arquitecturas tradicionales (Spanish)
12:00 John White – NSX in the Wild – Two use cases you might not have thought of John Yani Arrasjid – Workload analytics driving infrastructure design VMware Community Podcast Tony Foster – Data Centers Rendered in 3D
12:15 Sean Massey – Automating Horizon – A Quick Primer Sean Massey – Keeping It “In Context” Stalin Pena – Introduccion al funcionamiento de NSX entre dos vCenter servers (Spanish)
12:30 Shane Williford – My VCSA boinked when replacing certs! Why? Veeam Sponsor – Rick Vanover – Leveraging data: You can do it too! Ariel Sanchez – Working in Pilot/Co-Pilot
12:45 Alastair Cooke – I Community, you can too! Veeam Sponsor – Michael White – Veeam: DR vs. BC Alastair Cooke – Deduplication 101
13:00 Wouter Kursten – Using the VMware Logon Monitor fling Gina Rosenthal – SaaS is part of your cloud strategy Garry Simmons – PowerCLI
Automating Every Day Task
David Klee – vCPU Scheduling & Databases
13:15 Amy Manley/Nick Colyer – #CloudLife – What it means and how to build it. Tim Davis – Certifications: The path to the dark side! Keith Townsend – SAP HANA on VSAN Luis Concistre – OpenStack for VMware admins
13:30 Dan Barr – Capacity planning on the cheap Anthony Hook – VMware OS Optimization Tool Steve Flanders – Log Insight Importer
13:45 Wences Michel – Infrastructure Testing Tim Davis – Community
involvement, and you!
Ron Fuller – NSX Identity Firewall Sergio Munoz – Docker Primeros Pasos (Spanish)
14:00 In Tech We Trust Geek Whisperers
14:15 Wences Michel – Infrastructure Testing (Spanish)
14:30 Matthew Brender – My Cloud Makes Pretty Pictures
14:45 Justin Sider – Introduction to Test­Driven Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
15:00 Matthew Brender – Sprinkle some Open Source on your VMware Administration Ansbile – Sponsor – Tim Appnel Byron Schaller – CI Pipelines for Infra as Code
15:15  Sunny Dua, Iwan Rahabok – Operationalize Your World Edward Haletki – Continuous … well Everything! Tommy Trogden – How to run Java Apps in Containers with Storage Persistence
15:30 Thom Greene – Zero to Nova: A VMware Admin’s Month of Openstack Justin Sider – Automated IAAS Testing Tim Carr – Container This
15:45 Matt Crape – An Intro to Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Planning Lauren Malhoit – Cisco Sponsor – Using ACI with vSphere Integration  Ansible – Sponsor James Tanner – Automating VMware infrastructure with Ansible
16:00 Daemon Behr – Antifragility on a shoestring Lauren Malhoit – Cisco Sponsor – Cisco Tetration TVP Panel
16:15  Alastair Cooke – Guide to surviving the operations career apocalypse  vBrownBag LATAM vExpert Panel
16:30 Imposter Syndrome Gameshow vBrownBag LATAM VMUG Panel  VMUG in Africa
16:45 Mike Ellis – SRM – How to Bubble Test in the Real World