New URL, New Location, All vBrownbag, All the Time.

It’s been a todo item for a long time. Moving the site from to A big reason is that we don’t just cover VMware related content anymore. We have you covered for your OpenStack needs as well as Cisco and Microsoft. All your links should all still work, they will just get rewritten to

Expect to see more content related to non-VMware activities here now that the brand is more acceptable to other organizations.

As part of the migration, we have moved to WPEngine for the hosting. Somewhere in the migration process a few (lot of) links got broken, reading as vbrownbag.comm which is not a valid domain. If you find one of these lovely links then let me ( know the source page and the broken link. I haven’t yet found the one place where I can search & replace for the whole lot, so I’m manually hunting each one down.