Cisco ACI Series

Sotware Defined whatever (SDx) is turning from a buzz word into some actual value, so it is definitely time to get educated on what SDx options are around. We are lucky to have some Software Defined Network skills on the vBrownBag team in the form of Lauren Malhoit. Lauren is a regular host of the US show and has been an invaluable team member making TechTalks videos at VMworld and OpenStack Summit. Lauren’s day job is with Cisco’s ACI team, so we managed to persuade her to do some late nights to present a series about Cisco’s SDN product, ACI.
The first two episodes were recorded in December and we will have a few more episodes in January.

The first episode was a getting started look at ACI looking at:


  • Spine/Leaf architecture
  • Demo – Fabric Discovery
  • End Point Groups
  • Policy Driven Networking/Application Network Profiles
  • Demo – Create an Application Network Profile


The second episode looks at integration with Virtualization mangement

  • Highlights of integration with VMware
  • Highlights of integration with Hyper-V
  • Highlights of integrations with Azure
  • Demo – Show integration with vCenter and how EPGs become portgroups


In January Lauren will take a closer look at ACI contracts and Automation and Orchestration with ACI.
You can subscribe to the vBrownBag APAC edition using thsi link, or just watch for the podcast episodes to tuen up in the iTunes feed.

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