#vBrownBag TechTalks Schedule – VMworld USA 2015

The TechTalks will, as always, be held in the Hang Space. Look for the stage at the back right as you come into the Hang Space. We couldn’t make this happen without the support of the VMware Communities team and our sponsors, listed at the bottom. If you cannot make it to the Hang Space, or VMworld, then you can still watch the stream on this page here. There are a few gaps in the schedule, so it is not too late to propose your own TechTalk. Just fill out this form and we will be in touch.

10:30vExpert Daily with Emad Younis, Kyle Ruddy, James Bowling, Marc Crawford and Jonathan FrappiervExpert Daily with James Bowling, Shane Williford, and Tony FostervExpert Daily
11:00Edward Haletky @Texiwill Let’s Throw in Some Security: A hybrid Cloud Security ModelVirtualization Practise PanelChris Wahl @ChrisWahl – Scripting and Versioning with PowerShell ISE and Git Shell
11:30Michael White @mwVme – Spotlight on Your DataIrfan Ahmad @virtualirfan – CloudPhysics – Help! My Dashboards Suck!Gabriel Chapman – Solidfire – Infrastructure Agility in the Software Defined Data CenterJosh Atwell @josh_atwell – DevOps with PowerCLI and PowerShell DSC
11:45Andy Warfield – Coho DataAndy Warfield – Coho DataCody Hosterman @codyhosterman – Space Reclamation in vSphere 6
12:00VMUG LATAM Panel @vBrownbagLATAM (Spanish)Anthony Spiteri @anthonyspiteri – NSX – An Unexpected JourneyVMware Communities PodcastIwan Rahabok @e1_ang and Sunny Dua @sunny_dua Performance Monitoring and capacity planning MGMT4973
12:15Dave LeClair – Unitrends – Recover Simplicity!Irfan Ahmad – CloudPhysics – The Unofficial VCDX ToolchestJames Brown @jbcompvm -Virtual Design Master
12:45Joseph Griffiths @Gortees – Reference Architecture for AutomationDave LeClair – Unitrends – Is your data protection and DR solution built for a cloud-driven world?Tim Carr @timmycarr – Versioning deployments with Puppet, R10K, and Git
13:00 Kevin Moats – GPU virtualization in the home labHP Blogger BriefingDave Frederick – The Advantages of a Tiered Approach to VM StorageSteve Flanders @smflanders – The importance of customer experience
13:15Gina Rosenthal @gminks – Why you need to #BackThatSaaSUpGabriel Maciel @gmaciel_ca – VMware NSX Architecture and Components InteractionJoseph Griffiths @Gortees – vSphere 5.5 to 6 SSO architecture
13:30Scott Davis – Infinio – Disruptive Storage Innovations and the Impact on Virtual Desktop SolutionsvBrownBag LATAM Panel @vBrownbagLATAM (Spanish)Jody Lent @jodylent – Building a vRO Plugin for VMware Application Services
14:00Jaison Bailley @penlem166 and the vBrisket communityPaul Braren @paulbraren – Home Virtualization Lab Productivity TipsNick Colyer @Vnickc and Steve Aiello  – Self Healing Datacenter with vRealize Orchestrator
14:15Luke Brown @luke_br – Dinosaurs Didn’t Do DRAnthony Chow@vCloudernBeer – Micro-Segmentation – a perfect fit for microservices security
14:30Craig Waters @cswaters1 – Anatomy of an SSDCraig Waters  @cswaters1 – How to start a user group (BYOUG)Shruti Bhat – Liuve demo – Running your ESXi workloads in AWS
14:45Jonathan Frappier @jfrappier and Tim Jabaut @vmcutlip – Stop being an “Admin” and learn to embrace “DevOps”Edward Haletky @Texiwill – Proper Use of RBAC to Secure your Virtual EnvironmentJohn Arrasjid @vcdx001 – IT Architect: Foundation in the Art of IT Infrastructure Design
15:00In Tech We Trust PodcastSpeaking in Tech PodcastGeek Whisperers Podcast 
15:45Edward Haletky 6 Step Program for Hybrid Cloud
16:00Dennis Bray and Chip Copper – Brocade – NSX based Advanced Network Architecture in SDDC to deploy highly automated IT Service DeliveryElver Sena Sosa and Anuj Dewangan – Brocade -Scaling your cloud network: Building a massively scalable cloud infrastructure with VMware NSX & advanced physical network architecturesTony Foster @wonder_nerd – Sizing for GPU Workloads
16:15David Siles @dsiles – Proactive Data-Awareness Inside Your VMsDavid Klebanov @DavidKlebanov – SDDC Gone Global with Software Defined WANBrian Trainor @betrainor – Automatic remediation with vRealize Operations
16:30Michaell Rice @virtdevninja – Rackspace – Stop testing scripts in production; Meet vCenter SimulatorLuke Huckaba – Rackspace – A distilled version of the SRM talkDavid Klee @kleegeek – SQL Server Virtualization Gotchya’s
16:45Michael Rice @virtdevninja – Introduction to pyVmomiMichael Rice @virtdevninja – YAVIJAVA an alternative Java SDK for vSphereMichael Rice – vCenter Simulator For Functional Testing
17:00Hersey Cartwright @herseyc – Using PowerCLI to manage SSH on ESXiHersey Cartwright @herseyc – Managing vCenter Roles and Permissions with PowerCLI
17:15Keith Townsend – Don’t be a loaner in your careerJames Green @jdgreen, Emad Younis @emad_younis – “Batman” is Not A Career Strategy
17:30Cisco Panel hosted by Lauren Malhoit – Icing on the Unicorn Nigel Hickey @vCenterNerd – The #vExpertSpotlight with Matt Bradford (@VMSpot)
17:45Steve Flanders @smflanders – Quality log messages and how to write them


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Nick Colyer @Vnickc and Steve Aiello  – Self Healing Datacenter with vRealize Orchestrator