vBrownBag TechTalk schedule for VMworld EMEA 2014

VMworld EMEA is under two weeks away. The vBrownBag crew will be there again making more TechTalk videos in the Hang Space.

When we are recording you can find the live stream on the vBrownBag Live page.

It is not too late to propose a Tech Talk, as you can see we have a few gaps. Signup using this form.

The TechTalks are brought to you with the support of our awesome sponsors.






11:00vExpert DailyvExpert Daily
11:30Ken Ross, Brocade – Working Smart with Physical Network Analytics to Maximize Network Overlay Availability
11:45Michael Morris, EMC – Redefine Your Virtualized Databases with Solid-State Storage and Fabric Networking
12:00Andrea Mauro – vCSA pro and consJarek Wapinski – vCloud Automation Centre Overview
12:15Balaji Sivasubramanian – Evolving Virtual Networking to Applications and CloudMichael Letschin – Files for you.. Files for you.. Files for everyone.. except VSAN
12:30vSoup Podcast
12:45Kaido Kibin – Flowgrab – Community and Colloboration for vCO Workflows(Continued)
13:00Brian Graf – Show Off To Your Boss: Measuring, Managing, and Dominating Performance of your VI(Continued)
13:30Arun Agarwal – Infinio: content-based storage
14:00Steve Flanders – Log Insight Use CasesTech Target Awards
14:15Cormac Hogan, Nick Dyer – An Introduction to Virtual Volumes (VVols)(Continued)
14:45Steve Flanders – Putting unstructured data to use
15:00Gabriel Chapman – I failed to think up a creative title
15:30Gabriel Chapman – This is Hyper-Awesome: A primer on the Hyper Converged Ecosystem
15:45Joerg Lew – vCenter Orchestrator does not bite!
16:00Frank Buechsel – SSO 5.5 VMdir deep diveDidier Danloy – Top Issues in View and Mirage
16:15Pedro Senra – How to Connect your Datacenter to vCloud Air(Continued)
16:45Nick Howell – VVols integration demonstration

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