#vBrownBag TechTalk Schedule at OpenStack Summit Paris

We have only one month to go until the OpenStack Summit in Paris.

Below is the schedule of TechTalks at the summit, as you will see the three days of TechTalks is absolutely packed. We will be in room 126/127 of the Palais De Congres for the three days of the Main Conference. There will be people presenting all the time, so drop by and watch live.

We do still have spaces for more sponsors, contact alastair@vbrownbag.com for details.

9:30KeynoteKeynotePraveen Yalagandula, Sean Patronis – Making LBaaS BADaaS – Enterprise-grade LB and Beyond
9:45KeynoteKeynoteSudhir Kethamakka – NFV Orchestration and Management, the OpenStack Way
10:00KeynoteKeynoteTina Tsou – NFV/SDN Pioneer Series: Cloud Wo Case Study
10:15KeynoteKeynoteYuiko Takada – Does Ironic work by itself?
10:45KeynoteMarc Lacoste – Make your OpenStack Cloud Self-Defending with VESPA!
11:00KeynoteJohannes Watzl – Trading IaaS Cloud Resources
11:15KeynoteDaniele Venzano – A private cloud for big data research: the Bigfoot storyBill Owen, Csaba Henk – Supporting NFS Ganesha in Manila Shared File Systems
11:30Kiran Sreenivasa, Madhu Kashyap – Brocade – Provisioning Site-to-Site VPN tunnels Using Cloud Orchestration and SDN ToolsLucien Avramov – Cisco Insieme – OpenStack with Cisco ACI and the Policy Driven Data Center
11:45Madhu Kashyap, Prakash Kaligotla – Brocade – Using Heat and Ceilometer to Build Hyper-Scale, Agile Data InfrastructuresDuane DeCapite and Chris Marino, Cisco Cloud Technology Group – Deploying OpenStack with Cisco UCS, Nexus and CSR
12:00Animesh Singh – Docker, OpenStack, Cloud FoundryMichael Kienle – Open cloud storage. Building a flexible and large-scale software-defined storage platform for OpenStack
12:15Gonéri Le Bouder – Adopt TripleO tools for your own projectJoe Wigglesworth – Getting Your Existing Software Stack onto OpenStackBoyan Krosnov – Block Storage: When Ceph is not enough
12:30Erik Randles – High Performance Flash Storage Solution on OpenStack Case StudyYusong Tan – Deploy and Scale an OpenStack -Powered Rendering Cloud with Thousands of NodesAnimesh Singh – Lifecycle managememt of Cloud Foundry deployments on OpenStack
12:45Robert Lin – QoS solution on OpenStack with HatoholSig Luft – OpenStack and the WANStephane Maes – Policy-based lifecycle management of Cloud Service deployed on Open Stack
13:00Lisa Zangrando – Optimizing resource allocation in Cloud based environmentsDavid Lapsley – Real-time Statistics with HorizonAnupriya Ramraj – CMDB is critical to OpenStack deployment
13:15Thomas Morin, Mathieu Rohon- Neutron and BGP VPNs
13:30David Lapsley – Client-side Rendering with HorizonEmily Hugenbruch – How do enterprise class software and systems work in OpenStack clouds?Vojtech Cima – Performance analysis of live migrations in Openstack
13:45Didier Stolpe – A Collaborative Approach to SDN/NFV Validation with OpenStackTushar Katarki – MySQL High Availability Options for OpenstackCraig Lee – Federation Management Using Keystone
14:00Francois Donzé – Mission Critical applications in the cloudJoel Coffman – Securing Data at Rest
14:15Bill Owen, Thiago De Silva – Deploying Swift on a Scale-out File SystemJustin Hammond – Wafflehaus and You
14:30Shilla Saebi and Chuck Burkett – OpenStack Operations; How I stopped worrying and learned to love the StackWan-yen Hsu – IronMan- Security Enhanced Ironic PXE-less Deploy DriverVivek Jain – Challenges, Architecture and Solutions for massive scale LBaaS deployment at eBay/Payal
14:45Ruan HE – Moon: a Pluggable and Customized Security Management System for OpenStackDean Hildebrand – Building an Online Archive using Swift combined with Tape StorageDeepak C Shetty – Certificate based access type in Manila
15:00Takashi Sogabe – Deploying Cost Effective Infrastructure with Commoditized Hardware and Open Source SoftwareLakshminarayanan (LN) Renganarayana – A Scalable Multi-tenant Logging and Metrics as a Service for OpenStack and Cloud ApplicationsSamrat Ganguly – Bridging the Openstack gaps for NFV deployment
15:15Dmitri Zimine, Renat Akhremov – Mistral: OpenStack Workflow ServiceYingjun Li – Best Practices of Monitoring a Production-Ready cloud based on IcehouseCaleb Tennis – What can you do with Storage Policies – Building your own storage policies
15:30Sampath Priyankara – How to protect glance public image in carrier grade cloudKentaro Tanaka – High Availability for VMs using evacuate APIYolanda Robla – Using Openstack CI for your own projects
15:45Srikanta Patanjali – Cyclops – A Dynamic Rating, Charging & Billing software for OpenStackAmit Gandhi – Poppy – An Open API for CDN provisioning
16:00Guangsong Xia – VDI in OpenstackKeith Newstadt – MagnetoDB In Action – A Live Demo and TutorialXinyu (Jerry) Zhao – Let’s build a 3rd Party CI Infrastructure!
16:15Patrick Hoolboom – Operational Design PatternsMasahito Muroi – How to Build a Carrier Grade Cloud – A RE RE Teck Talk
16:30Jim Hughes, Ignacio Corderi – Seagate Kinetic Open Storage PlatformBernie Wu – Traffic Modeling for Storage Performance OptimizationCaleb Tennis – What are the advantages of Swift object storage?
16:45Cathy Zhang – Generic Neutron Service Chain PluginCarina C Zona – @CallBackWomen
17:15Hirofumi Ichihara – Neutron CI Run on DockerWim Provoost – Turning OpenStack Swift into a VM storage platform
17:30Ilya Sviridov – MagnetoDB 101 – An Overview of NoSQL as a Service for OpenStackOTSUKA, Motohiro – Testing TripleO without KVMXu Haiwei – Deploying baremetal TripleO environment by tripleo-incubator
17:45Serg Melikyan – Application CatalogAndre Beausoleil, Garth Booth – Deploying OpenStack Fibre Channel Clouds

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