#vBrownBag was at OpenStack Summit Atlanta

We had a great week in Atlanta last week making TechTalk videos at the OpenStack summit. You can checkout all the videos on this YouTube playlist.

It was great to hang out with Josh and Damian, my long time #vBrownBag brothers. Also to do some real duties with Jeramiah who joined the crew this year. The other member of the team was Eric Wright, you may know him as @Discoposse. Eric has been a contributor to vBrownBag and is now a part of the crew. Eric will be restarting the OpenStack podcast and Couch to OpenStack programs in the coming months. I think the whole #vBrownBag came away from the OpenStack summit with the feeling that we want to know more about OpenStack. If you’d like to get involved let us know by filling out this signup form.

One of the really interesting things about the OpenStack summit is that it has two faces. On one side it’s like a vendor conference, people who want to sell products and customers looking to learn and buy. That face is just like any other vendor conference. The other face is the developer side. The summit is where the community of OpenStack project developers get together to plan the next six months software development. This side is something new to me and very exciting, seeing the evolution of projects and the interplay between the projects as they progress.

The next OpenStack Summit is in Paris in November and we plan to send a team to do more TechTalks. I suspect that a few wives will be asking about coming along for that trip.

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