#vBrownbag EMEA VCDX Prep Special

The EMEA #vBrownbag will be running a one off (maybe more if this is popular) special webinar around VCDX Prep. This will include four presenters/panelists who have been going through preparing for the VCDX recently and will be covering some of the following:

  • What we did to get to the point of submitting our designs.
  • What we all think it takes to obtain the accreditation.
  • Why we decided to aim for the VCDX.
  • What we learnt from the defences for those who have defended.
  • What we feel we need to do to pass next time for those who didn’t make it.
  • We will be looking for a good discussion from people joining the live webinar whilst keeping within NDA.

The four “presenters/panelists” are:

  • Rene Van Den Bedem: Defended at VMworld EU and resubmitted and defended at Frimley April 2014 defence where he became VCDX #133.
  • Bobby Stampfle: Submitted and defended at Frimley April 2014 defence and has resubmitted again for  Cambridge MA July 2014 defence.
  • Gregg Robertson: Submitted and defended at Frimley April 2014 defence and is looking to defend again early next year if not sooner.
  • Craig Kilborn: Submitted for Frankfurt July 2014 defence and is awaiting confirmation of invitation to defend

The VCDX Prep special will be run tomorrow evening at 7PM BST and you can register for it at the following link:https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/299578248. It will also be recorded for those not able to make it but we would love for as many people as possible to join.


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