#vBrownBag Presenter Spotlight: Randy Keener

This week’s guest is Randy Keener.  If you have been to either of the 2012 VMworlds, you will recognize Randy from the #NotSupported Tech Talks.  These sessions were a huge hit in San Francisco and Barcelona, and I’m confident that we will see them again at future VMworlds.

For this week’s interview, Randy had some exciting news to share with us: he recently joined PistonCloud as a Staff Architect in the Office of the CTO to assist customers in getting value from OpenStack deployments.  When Randy isn’t busy with his new role, you can find him enjoying a motorcycle ride or blogging about the latest innovations that interest him at NotQuiteRight.us.

Click the media player below for our interview with Randy (Firefox users may need to click HERE).

You can also download the interview from the vBrownBag iTunes Podcast.