VCAP5-DTD Exam Experience

Hi everyone, it’s Alastair here, @DemitasseNZ. I missed out on the chance to do the VCAP5-DTD beta exam at the end of last year, primarily because New Zealand shuts down from Christmas for a couple of week as it’s the middle of our summer. So when the exam was released to general availability last week I wanted to get it booked and sat as quick as possible.  This morning was the appointed time so I went down to my local Person VUE testing centre and spent a while staring at a screen.


#vBrownBag Presenter Spotlight: Randy Keener

This week’s guest is Randy Keener.  If you have been to either of the 2012 VMworlds, you will recognize Randy from the #NotSupported Tech Talks.  These sessions were a huge hit in San Francisco and Barcelona, and I’m confident that we will see them again at future VMworlds. For this week’s interview, Randy had some
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