Pano Logic – Demo Unit Unboxing

Disclaimer: I met Pano at VMworld 2009 and asked to do a write up of their stuff. From there followed some back and forth with their support group, x64 and Win 7 support and the like. Things went silent for a bit. Got a contact from them recently when I tweeted regarding Pano and PCoIP support. What happened next, was a few email exchanges, and then well, a box showed up at the house:


Micro USB to DVI for 2nd monitor goodness as well as a USB key:

Getting started guide:

Not one, but 4 demo Pano units:

Looking good in matte black:

Back of the unit:
On top row (left to right): Lock port, audio, second video, 2x USB, 1x Ethernet
Bottom row (left to right): 5v Power, DVI, 2x USB

Over the next weeks I’ll be putting the unit through it’s paces in my Home Lab with VMware View. We’ll see what these little guys can do.

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  • I really love PanoLogic, at the moment we are “testing” 25 of this things using his own broker (Pano Manager). Wanting to used it with VMware View.

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