Open Compute Platform & vSphere 5

So, outside of a few home drama items recently, there has been a new addition from the Open Compute Platform project, and that is a v 1.0 Intel platform.

About Open Compute

In April 2011, Facebook launched the Open Compute Project (Announcement) with a stated goal of making servers and datacenters more efficient. The 1.0 Intel box is a pretty sweet little platform too:


As currently deployed in my home lab, it’s got 2x Hex core procs and 48gb memory, which is a decent setup for the tests I have planned for it.

vSphere on Open Compute

Getting vSphere installed was a small challenge. As you can see from the image above, there is no onboard video, storage, etc. Additionally, with the rest of my lab down, Autodeploy and PXE were out of the question… so what do? Luckily I had a SATA drive and PCIE video card handy, and ESXi installed without a hitch.


Installing successfully however, does not mean the platform is on the HCL directly (however, there are other Quanta Computer listings).

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