VMTurbo Upgrades!

I’ll save you posting the entire press release, and just call out the new or upgraded features:

  • Create custom groups of resources, either physical or virtual;
  • Create custom logins (customer views) with either read-only or actionable privileges for these groups;
  • Focus on a subset of infrastructure via a custom login to use and view a specific group and maintain and optimize just that subset of resources;
    Identify "Top 10" members for any data set and quality that data set for any number or combination of criteria;
  • Organize reports via an improved reports interface for more efficient data mining by category;
    Integrate Seamlessly with DRS for peaceful and managed coexistence with the VMware hypervisor via the ability to sync in real-time any changes between DRS rules and those running inside the VMTurbo appliance;
  • Plan for the Future with accurate forward looking planning that ensures each environment has sufficient resources to meet the growing demands of both existing VM guests as well as the projected workload.

My Take

VMTurbo has got some great potential and an interesting play in the “DRS Plus” kind of space. This release has two things that piqued my interest, the first being the “Focus on subset of infrastructure” and the second being “DRS integration”. While I’ve not pulled down the release to see how well either of these work, the idea that the appliance will now work in concert with DRS is pretty slick.

More info

You can find more info here: http://www.vmturbo.com/blog/bid/56315/New-VMTurbo-Appliance-Release-Improving-VM-Performance-and-Planning-for-the-Future