Blogger Block! – Guest Post Contest

I’ve been suffering from a bit of what I’ll call blogger block lately. In that, I’ve been having some trouble coming up with good and/or interesting posts. With that said, I know how creative y’all are as a community, and thought I’d put together a guest post contest.

A contest?

Sure, the contest is this:

Submit an idea (or complete post) to guestpost (at) or with the hashtag #ProVMwarePost on twitter. If I use your idea in an upcoming post, I’ll contact you for an address to send some schwag to.


Prizes for post ideas that get used, will be either a shirt or coffee mug from:

Like this one:

Grand Prize:

One post, randomly chosen, will receive TrainSignal “VMware vSphere Pro Series Training Vol. 2”

There has to be some finite deadline, so we’ll shoot for the end of January for submissions.

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