Get Out and Vote – VMworld 2010

I was trying to avoid this post, but alas, a little shameless self promotion can’t hurt.


VMware this year has decided to put a multitude of the sessions submitted during the CFP up for a vote, and I must say, there are plenty of good sessions up there. So even if I’m not your favorite, I still encourage you to get out and vote for the sessions you want to see at VMworld this year.

My Sessions:

  • Ask the vExperts
    Session Id:TA7363
    Abstract: "The Traditional panel of leading Virtualization experts who will be quizzed and squeezed for their knowledge. There will be 4 to 5 panelists and a moderator to lead the session and questions will be asked from the floor. The format will be free flowing and any virtualization topic will be covered. As per the successful panel as VMworld 2009, requests for questions will be issued prior to the conference to enable fillers during quiet times. Not all personal will be at both conferences"
    Track: Technology and Architecture
    Speaker: Cody Bunch / Tom Howarth
  • Brownbag VCDX and VCP
    Session Id: V17958
    Abstract: The Brown Bag series, are an online VCP and VCDX study group providing support, advise and guidance to those on the journey. each session has a specific focus on a topic from either the Design exam or Enterprise exam blueprints.
    Track: Virtualization 101
    Speaker: Cody Bunch / Tom Howarth
  • Understanding and addressing the security and compliance challenges for the private cloud
    Session Id: SE8041
    Abstract: "In this panel, Cody Bunch, vExpert and prominent blogger with will moderate a discussion about the business impact of virtualization security and compliance for the private cloud. HyTrust, Altor, and Symantec will participate as panelists to address relevant topics ranging from platform controls for ESX to guest-level security. The panel will be targeted at senior-level IT executives and architects that want to understand more about virtualization as well as the security and compliance challenges introduced by this new datacenter technology. The panel will look at various aspects that need to be considered when virtualizing Tier 1 application, especially those that are subject to regulatory compliance. The panel will also discuss various best practices aimed at addressing the needs. These best practices will include organizational, operational and technical approaches to securing the virtual infrastructure."
    Track: Private Cloud – Security
    Speaker: Amir Ben-Efraim Company: Altor Networks

Other Recommended Sessions:

Here are some of the sessions I voted for. These are all put on by strong experts in the field, and on some excellent topics. I’ll break these out by track:

Virtualization 101:
  • Jon Hall’s – VMware Certified Advanced Professional Certifications Are Here
  • Eric Siebert’s – Deep Dive on Virtualization – How stuff works in virtualization
Technology & Architecture:
  • Luc Dekens’ – PowerCLI is for administrators!
  • Irfan Ahmad’s – Tech Preview: Storage DRS
  • Scott Lowe’s – Virtual Storage and VMware vSphere: Best Practices and Design Considerations
  • Nick Weaver’s – Network Segmentation in a Virtualized Environment ñ Best Practices and Approaches
  • John Arrasjid’s – Ask the vExperts
Desktop Virt
  • Eddie Blackwell’s – View 4 & ThinApp: Defense In-depth Against Malware, Viruses, & Rootkits
  • Ken Cline’s – Spectacular failures, the top reasons why desktop virtualization projects wind up in the recycle bi…
Enterprise Applications
  • Yavor Boychev’s – PowerCLI & Onyx
  • Scott Drummonds’ – Crossing the Performance Barrier
Business Continuity
  • Duncan Epping’s – Planning and Designing an HA Cluster That Maximizes VM Uptime
  • Gabrie van Zanten’s – Disaster Recovery the Dutch way: Cheap
  • Scott Herold’s – Backing Up Your Virtual Environment, Best Practices
  • Maish Saidel-Keesing’s – vCenter Migration – It’s a Snap with POWERCLI
  • Ravi Soundararajan’s – vCenter Best Practices
Hybrid / Public Cloud
  • Steve Jin’s – Building Do-It-Yourself PaaS Platform

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