Configure an NFS Datastore From the CLI – VCDX Prep

Like the last post, this one also hails from objective 1.1 of the VCDX Blueprint, and is part of my exam prep.


Configure an NFS Datastore using command line tools.


[root@ProfessionalVMware root]# esxcfg-nas
esxcfg-nas <options> [<label>]
-a|–add                Add a new NASc filesystem to /vmfs volumes. 
                        Requires –host and –share options.
                        Use –readonly option only for readonly access.
-o|–host <host>        Set the host name or ip address for a NAS mount.
-s|–share <share>      Set the name of the NAS share on the remote system.
-y|–readonly           Add the new NAS filesystem with readonly access.
-d|–delete             Unmount and delete a filesystem.
-l|–list               List the currently mounted NAS file systems.
-r|–restore            Restore all NAS mounts from the configuration file.
                        (FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY).
-h|–help               Show this message.

More specifically:

[root@ProfessionalVMware root]# esxcfg-nas –add –host –share /storage/iso ISO
Connecting to NAS volume: ISO
ISO created and connected.


[root@ProfessionalVMware root]# esxcfg-nas –list
ISO is /storage/iso from mounted

While the content may seem obvious to some, this post is here to help those that still have their exams to prep for, or find themselves wandering about aimlessly on the CLI trying to configure NFS. Thanks for tuning in.