New Blogs You Should be Reading

Perhaps they’re not new, exactly. They are new to me, however. They’re also good enough that you should be reading them as well! With that said, onto the blogs!

  • –
    This is put together by Keshav Attrey, a software dev with VMware. The blog concentrates on the vSphere APIs and automation around virtual desktops. My kinda blog!
  • –
    This was a more than awesome find that came up during the last VCP4 Brown Bag. Not sure how I missed it in fact. Matthijs van den Berg covers esxtop, VCP prep, VCDX Prep and more. Good stuff.
  • Double Cloud –
    This is put together by Steve Jin. The author of the vSphere Java SDK, and the book: VMware VI and vSphere SDK: (Affiliate Link). Basically, if you are going to do vSphere API work, this is the place to start.

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