VMworld Day 1 Wrap Up

I was going to try live blogging some of this, however that is not quite my style if you will. So I will try to summarize in a few posts where I went and what I did. So without further adieu:

Lab 1 – Scripting Virtual Infrastructure with PowerShell &  Perl

All and all a good lab. A brief into to PowerShell and then a hands on dive into the PowerCLI. Despite others complaints about the labs, my only complaint was the speed. At times we were watching character refreshes on the screen. It was fun working with the folks next to me, and helping to further evangelize PowerCLI. At some point, it was as if the room had a “light bulb” moment. The instructor was not bad either.


Tech Exchange Session – vCloud API

It was at this point in the day that I found out how awesome the ‘”Press” tag on the badge was. Tech Exchange is being handled as a separate component of VMworld, kinda like partner day. Only much much more awesome. But, it is also a “for pay” add on to your VMworld ticket. Long story short, the Press pass let me wander in anyways. Even if I had not been able to wander in, I would have visited the registration booth and upgraded. The content was THAT good.

Moving along to the session itself, in the first 5 minutes, the speaker had introduced himself. “What do I do? I am an engineer. I write the code.” From there, he covered some basics of the vCloud API, and then dove right into some code examples. The best like from the session was “The restful api for vcloud, is like the DMV, fill out a form, get a VM” (at least twas similar to this).


Tech Exchange Session – The Virtualization EcoShell

This one started slowly, as I’m not sure many folks knew this was even here. After tweeting about it a few times however we managed to get a crowd going. The speaker was ok once he got going, and the demo was worth the wait (it was given towards the end). What other product can you point at your vCenter and tell it to give you a Visio… for Free!


VMware Fun Run 5k

This one was also well worth it. I didn’t manage to register in time, but got there via stand by bus. About 200 runners participated to benefit the “Save the Bay” charity. Having Never seen the bridge in person, this was amazing. Clear sky’s a good breeze, this was an excellent time.


VMware Communities Tweetup

Besides the bridge run, this was likely the one of the coolest things about being here. It also seems that folks know the beard. Or at least seemed to. I don’t fancy they were reading the small print on the name badge anyways. Got to meet lots of other great folks and to thank John Troyer for making this happen (both the tweetup and my coming to VMworld).

All and all an AWESOME first day. Today looks to be just as good.