vSphere VCP4 Beta Follow Up

First: Thanks everyone for coming. I think the call went pretty well, and hopefully raised everyone’s comfort level with their upcoming exam.

Second: There is apparently more than one spot you need to hit in order to get things to record. During the ‘setup’ of the conference, there is a check box to enable. Then, inside WebEx there is another menu item and record button to hit. Having missed one of these two steps, I unfortunately do not have a recording for you. Sorry!

Third: There were some good websites and other resources brought up during the call, so I’ll list them here:

I am sure there are some resources that were brought up that I missed. If you’d like drop them in the comments and we can get them added, so we can build this out into a solid VCP4 resource.

Also, while the general feedback on Twitter was positive, if you have anything further to add, leave me a line in the comments. Thanks again for coming to my party.

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