Changes: Now and Later

The first, and likely most obvious change is the theme. I figure this one is a bit cleaner and more readable overall. I’m not sure what may have broken, but if there is anything ‘off’ drop me a line in the comments. The second, and less obvious of the two is that the backend has also had some dusting off and upgrading, that is, I’ve upgraded WordPress, so again if anything is broken, let me know.

A third bit of change is an upcoming maintenance:

The Rackspace Cloud’s system engineering team will be performing upgrades to our storage infrastructure in our Dallas – Fort Worth (DFW) data center, in order to increase capacity for our customers.  The maintenance is scheduled to last five (5) hours – beginning on July 18 at 23:00 CDT and ending on July 19 at 04:00 CDT.

If access goes weird, figure that is why. As always, any questions or comments can be dropped into the comments section or dropped on Twitter.

3 thoughts on “Changes: Now and Later

  • Looks good Cody. If I had to change anything, I'd darken the green hyperlinks just a tad. The lime on white has a little bit too little contrast for my old eyes.


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