VMware Tech Games & GA Southern

Avnet Tech Games! This year’s AvNet Tech Games features a VMware Virtualization Challenge:

VMware Virtualization Challenge – Student teams will be given three unique physical enterprise computer platform scenarios with the goal of producing a 3-5 year roadmap maximizing their business value while factoring in proper ROI and architectures with consideration for the current virtualization trends.

Super Cool!

So… I didn’t know that there were VMware “Academy” Universities, let alone that there were 10 of them. According to VM/ETC, GA Southern IT is one of these universities, and because of that, their students graduate with VCP’s. Good stuff!

Georgia Southern University, located southeast of Atlanta in Statesboro, GA, has introduced a program to teach VMware virtualization technology to the students of it’s College of Information Technology. As one of only 10 universities in the world designated as a VMware Academy, Georgia Southern is teaching it’s students official VMware courses and certifying students as VCPs

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