Administering VMware Site Recovery Manager – Chapter 1 Now Available!


Mike Laverick is doing something cool… he’s starting to slowly release his SRM book, chapter by chapter. Today, was chapter 1

To celebrate the arrival of my first advertiser to RTFM. I would like to begin the process of slowly releasing my SRM book free to download. The SRM book will remain commercially available for sometime – and when SRM 2.0 the “old” SRM1.0 book will become completely free. As I release each chapter I will be reviewing the content for any old typos, and rolling those changes through to the commercial book. Remember PDFs are great but when a book runs to 300+ pages it is actually cheaper to buy a copy than it is to take it to a printers (believe you me I learned this during the proofing phase how expensive) plus you get it delivered to your door with a perfect binding! My next free chapter will update the content I created about Lefthand Networks VSA, which is now on SAN/IQ Version 8. There aren’t a huge amount of differences so hopefully it won’t take long…

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