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VMware RCLI – Where Is resxtop For Windows? x64 Linux?

After such great luck with the Windows version, I found a few things. First was that resxtop was not included in the Windows bundle. Which lead me to the second:

/tmp/vmware-rcli-distrib$ ./vmware-install.pl
This version of "VMware VI Remote Command Line Tools" is incompatible with this
operating system.  Please install the "x86_64" version of this program instead.

Execution aborted.

Least, it’s honest when it tells me it doesn’t like me, or more likely doesn’t like Ubuntu 8.04 LTS x64.

I did however have better luck with the appliance, and got resxtop up and running. Look!


Now that is pretty cool. I’ll have to see what else I can do with this.

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