VMware RCLI – Where Is resxtop For Windows? x64 Linux?

After such great luck with the Windows version, I found a few things. First was that resxtop was not included in the Windows bundle. Which lead me to the second: /tmp/vmware-rcli-distrib$ ./vmware-install.pl This version of "VMware VI Remote Command Line Tools" is incompatible with this operating system.  Please install the "x86_64" version of this program[…]

Heaping Heaps! – ESX Heap Size

Mr. Epping over at Yellow-Bricks posted this on VMFS3 Heap Size. I’m reposting here for future reference. I was talking to a fellow consultant today. He ran into the following error messages at one of his customer sites: vmkernel: 8:18:59:58.640 cpu2:1410)WARNING: Heap: 1370: Heap_Align(vmfs3, 4096/4096 bytes, 4 align) failed. caller: 0×8fdbd0 vmkernel: 8:18:59:58.640 cpu2:1410)WARNING: Heap:[…]

Managing NIC’s in ESX

Tom Howarth from PlanetVM turned me on to a great series of posts by Ed Haletky on how to manage different combinations of NIC’s in VMware ESX: Blue Gears – 2 Physical NICs with VMware ESX Blue Gears – 3 Physical NICs with VMware ESX Blue Gears – 4 Physical NICs with VMware ESX Blue[…]

Downloadable VMware Tools?

Wait, what? Used to be you could only get these as iso’s embedded with what ever release/version of VMware you were working with. Now, their available for download from the VMware site! On this site, you will be able to search, browse and download VMware Tools software packaged in the native package format (e.g. rpm,[…]

1 Day Left – The Most Awesome PowerShell One-Liner in the History of PowerShell One-Liners!

get-datacenter MyVC | get-vm | Get-NetworkAdapter | Where-Object { $_.Name -like "*1"} | Set-NetworkAdapter -NetworkName NotThatNetwork -Confirm:$false So, say you provision all of your VM’s on one host, with one set of networks, that is completely removed from the remainder of your infrastructure. You then Cold-Migrate the new VM’s to their new homes. You now[…]