VMware Certification

I wanted to share some of the various certification resources out there for VMware. It is one of the HOT IT Certifications right now, up there with the CISSP and RHCE, and it’s quite useful as well. At least the class & test were not 100% fluff like some other vendors produce.

Right now VMware has two different levels of certification available, the VMware Certified Professional (VCP), and the VMware Certified Design eXpert (VCDX). The VCP being their entry level certification, and requiring a week long class followed by a multiple choice exam. The VCDX requires quite a bit more effort however, in that it requires four things: A valid VCP, Admin Exam, Design Exam, and to present & defend a VI3 design & implementation plan.

Here are some links to the various online resources

I presently hold a valid VCP, and I’m currently pursuing, in my own special way, the VCDX.