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Modern times require modern solutions, so vBrownBag has joined a 15-year-old platform. You can now find vBrownBag on Reddit at Our subreddit is a place to talk about vBrownBag episodes and talk with community members. A little like the blogger tables at VMworld, but without the conference noise. We plan to link all new[…]

Episode Followup – What’s new in vRNI with Matt Just

Matt Just @H1_TEK_matt gives an excellent update on What’s new with vRealize Network Insight, both for on-premises and cloud-hosted versions. He spends the majority of the episode showing the platform’s capabilities in a live demo, which is always appreciated. You can read more about Network Insight in the official VMware blog and you can[…]

Episode Followup – What’s new with VMware Cloud Foundation 4.0 with Kevin Tebear

Kevin Tebear ( continues our series on VMware Cloud Foundation with a deeper look at the architecture and some details on new features in version 4.0 Resources:

Episode Followup – NSX Cloud and HCX with Britton Johnson

Britton Johnson ( continues our series on VMware NSX-T with a quick look at NSX Cloud before diving into the multiple use cases for VMware HCX Resources: HOL-2081-01-HBD-VMware HCX – Getting Started with Cross-Cloud Mobility

Episode Followup – Introduction to VMware Cloud Foundation with Heath Johnson

Heath Johnson ( gives us an introduction to VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF), shows a few demos, and gives us a sneak peek of the newest version of VCF 4.0 Resources:

Episode Followup – NSX-T Data Center Security and Distributed Firewall with Britton Johnson

Britton Johnson ( continues our series on NSX-T Data Center with a look at Security and Distributed Firewall. Britton dives deeper into the security features of the platform and shows us how security rules are evaluated. We also got a peek at vRealize Network Insight (vRNI) #NSX #VMware #Education Resources: HOL-2026-91-NET – VMware[…]

Episode Followup – vExpert PRO 2020 Update with Tim Davis, Matt Crape, Matt Langguth, Joe Houghes, Ariel Sanchez

A new crop of VMware vExpert PROs were awarded and we had some of them participate in a roundtable talking about what the program is about and how it helps others who aspire to get the vExpert award. Here’s the announcement and their twitter accounts: Blog posts with tips[…]