Episode Followup – NSX-T Data Center Routing and Switching with Britton Johnson

Britton Johnson (https://twitter.com/vcixnv) continues our series on NSX-T Data Center with a look at Routing and Switching. Britton gives us a deeper dive into the logical constructs within NSX-T as well as some topology examples and guidance on design. #NSX #VMware #Education Resources: https://communities.vmware.com/docs/DOC-37591 https://labs.hol.vmware.com/ HOL-2026-01-NET – VMware NSX-T: Getting Started – Module 3 Logical[…]

Episode Followup – Unlocking the Potential of Events for SDDC Automation presented by Michael Gasch (@ebano1), William Lam (@lamw) and PK (@pkblah)

Michael, William and PK join us to discuss how VEBA enables event based automation for vSphere. Every VI Admin knows that little toolbar in vCenter Server showing the Tasks and Events happening in their environment. This is commonly used to track progress of an operation and can also be used for auditing purposes. However, did[…]

Episode Followup – Tips, Habits & Grit – What Successful Engineers do to Advance their Career presented by Nick Scuola

Nick Scuola (nscuola) give us a great rundown of tips and habits that technical engineers can utilize to enable themselves to skill up and truly drive their careers Resources: https://spookysolutions.com/2019/10/11/tips-habits-grit-what-successful-engineers-do-to-advance-their-careers/ https://spookysolutions.files.wordpress.com/2019/10/nick-scuola-tips-habits-grit-what-successful-engineers-do-to-advance-their-careers.pptx https://spookysolutions.com/2015/03/17/how-to-be-an-awesome-it-professional/

Episode Followup – Flask on AWS Fargate by Michael Herman

Michael Herman (@MikeHerman) continues our Python For DevOps series how to use Python, Docker, and AWS Fargate to run a Flask microservice! It’s a lot of knowledge in 46 minutes to hang on tight! Resources: https://gitlab.com/testdriven/flask-tdd-docker/tree/aws-fargate https://testdriven.io/courses/tdd-flask/ https://testdriven.io/ https://realpython.com/ https://mherman.org/ https://github.com/mjhea0

Episode Followup – Learning Python: Foundations to Real World Projects by Eric Matthes

Eric Matthes (@ehmatthes), author of the best seller Python Crash Course, continues our Python For DevOps series, shares baby pics of himself, and does a live coding exercise using the requests module and threading! Resources: https://ehmatthes.github.io/pcc_2e https://ehmatthes.github.io https://nostarch.com/pythoncrashcourse2e