Episode Followup – vVols & Your Cloud Operating Model with Tristan Todd

For almost 10-years now, future-focused datacenter teams have been trying to evolve to more cloud-like operating model. Some of us have succeeded, some of use have failed. During this fun-filled, example-heavy session, Pure Storage Solutions Architect Tristan Todd will share patterns of failure, patterns of success, some practical examples, and recipes for success on how organizations have succeeded in realizing success in adapting to a cloud ops model. And, of course, Tristan will highlight how Pure is helping Customer with real transformation.

00:00 – Intro
02:49 – The Problems
08:53 – What are Cloud Service Models
16:46 – Cloud Ops Diagram
20:54 – 5 tenets of Cloud Ops Model success
32:17 – What are vVols?
45:00 – Q&A


Intro music attribution: Artist – MaxKoMusic