Episode Followup – Resilient IT Architecture in a Multi-Cloud World – Waldemar Pera

For years, a resilient architecture has been a requirement from CEOs. But what is this really to IT? Depending on if its networking, security, infrastructure, applications or database teams, everyone has a different vision and assumption, which are very often contradictory. Disaster recovery, active-standby, and active-active are several easy words used, but they have different meanings for CEOs, CFOs, CTOs and the teams responsible for a unified architecture that end users can use. If this isn’t enough, today‚Äôs multi-cloud world with cloud native applications and distributed end users requires a complete rethinking in a holistic vision. In this session, find out how to create a common reference for any enterprise and any IT team to achieve this old, and new, target: a resilient enterprise.

Waldemar’s video series continues here: https://youtu.be/3t5nFPrIOlU

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