Episode Followup – How VMware IT uses VMware Edge Network Intelligence for Monitoring – Aditya nk, Bharat Prasad Hegde

In this session, we will discuss providing the best user experience to employees through seamless office Wi-Fi connectivity by implementing VMware Edge Network Intelligence monitoring, which translates into increased employee productivity for VMware. VMware Edge Network Intelligence provides a single-pane dashboard for Wi-Fi metrics at any given location. Using Wi-Fi core components—such as client signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), L2 RX/TX retry rate, DNS, and DHCP association time—helps the VMware IT support team proactively troubleshoot and fix probable issues. By integrating applications such as Zoom, Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Teams, we can track application performance from the end-user perspective. A wide range of predefined alerting helps IT support teams in monitoring the Wi-Fi infrastructure.

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