Episode Followup – What is OpenShift and what does it have to do with Kubernetes?

Tonight will be talking with Diamond Jorsling (@EngineeredCurlz) covering OpenShift; what it is, why it is awesome, and how it compares to vanilla Kubernetes.
Diamond is an SRE who focuses on DevSecOps. She works with all things RedHat, AWS, CI/CD, and Containers. She currently works with Microsoft focusing on RedHat Openshift. She provides an overview of Openshift in this episode, its architecture, how it integrates with Kubernetes, and we also dive deep into how you can get access to an OpenShift sandbox to get familiar with the distribution.

https://cloud.redhat.com/blog/red-hat-chose-kubernetes-openshift https://developer.ibm.com/conferences/build-smart-on-kubernetes/