Episode Followup – Serverless DevOps: How to Scale a Serverless First Initiative

Tonight will be talking with Kristi Perreault (@kperreault95) covering Serverless DevOps, and how to scale a Serverless First initiative inside of your organization. Kristi is a Senior Software Engineer in Serverless Enablement and Development at Liberty Mutual Insurance, and the conversation we will be having tonight dives into what she and her team have been working on. In addition, we will explore guidance, lessons learned, and advice for your organization as it relates to scaling and enabling teams adopting and innovating with serverless.

Kristi holds a Masters Degree in Electrical and Computer engineering, is a member and advocate for Women Who Code, as well as an AWS Community Builder member! So sit back, relax, and get ready to dive into how to scale a Serverless First Initiative with vBrownBag and Kristi.