Episode Followup – Introduction to HPC in the Cloud By Earl Dodd

Tonight will be talking with Earl Dodd covering an introduction to HPC, or High Performance Computing, in the cloud. Earl J. Dodd is World Wide Technology???s Global HPC Business Practice Leader for HPC. He provides HPC and Supercomputing strategy, technology enablement, business development, and marketing and sales support to WWT???s global enterprises and governments. He helps to achieve a customer???s desired Return on Investment by leveraging HPC technology, extreme data in motion, and the Cloud utilizing secure ultra-scale architectures and collaboration environments.

Earl has over 43 years of experience in HPC and Supercomputing and has helped and led commercial enterprises, professional organizations, and government positions. Earl is also a frequent speaker and expert panelist at national and international trade shows, conferences, and marketing events. A couple of fun facts about Earl is that he is a Sci-Fi nut and applied to Mars One (made the 2nd cut before closing the door) and recently applied to dearMoon (not heading to orbit yet ??? bummer).

Earl’s core competencies revolve around extreme-scale computing, HPC, HPDA (High Performance Data Analytics), AI/ML, and Cyber Security as it relates to HPC and HPDA. As such, we should have a very interesting conversation ahead and cant wait to dive in.

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