TechTalks at vForum Sydney Schedule

vForum rolls into Sydney next week and the vBrownBag crew will be there, near the Dodgem cars making TechTalk videos. The TechTalk location makes more sense when you know that vForum Sydney takes place at Luna Park, a historic funfair at the north end of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. If you are at vForum then you will find us in a little marquee in the Data Centre and Cloud area, the schedule of TechTalks and interviews is below. We also have space for quite a few more TechTalks, just fill out this form and I will add you to the schedule. TechTalks are 12-minute long presentations about some topic that is interesting to IT infrastructure professionals, usually presented by hands-on professions and about their own experience.


TimeWednesday 17thThursday 18th
12:00Grant Challenger – InterviewAnuj Gupta – Get visibility into the Cost of Services in your Hybrid Cloud & Show back to your business
12:30Luis Concistre – Kubernetes Networking
13:00Andrew Richardson – Automating vSphere with PowerCLIArunraj Subramanian – Radically Transform Customer Support using VMware Skyline
13:15Annie Lin – Interview
13:30Adrian Karpicz – Interview – A Tale from the trenches: DC Exit & vCenter MigrationsScott Norris – Interview
14:15Tessa Davis – Interview
14:30Jeff O’Connor – Leveraging Object Storage for Dev/Test and Long-Term RetentionRussell Brown – Cloud Data Recovery with Cohesity
14:45Frank Fan – Data Protection best practices for VMware Cloud on AWSFrank Fan – Infrastructure as Code with AWS Serverless Services
15:00Andrew Dauncey – Not everything needs to be HAMuhammad Karim – How to size for VMware Cloud on AWS
15:15Frank Fan – Securing VMware Cloud on AWS using Native AWS Services
15:30Brett Johnson – The value of an API is consumption not exposureBrent Mlady – Automation for Self Service
15:45Andrew Firth – InterviewMatt Berry – Interview – Velocloud
16:00Humair Ahmed – InterviewGreg Davis – Cluster node awareness in vRO Machine Provisioning Workflows
16:15Muneyb Minzahuddin – Interview – Solutions product marketing – worked at CSIRO in AustraliaContinued
16:30Simon Sharwood – ESXi on ARMLuke Flemming – Automate yourself out of a job…
16:45Anuj Gupta – Interview