Datrium AMA Live Video Stream

The first vBrownBag AMA (Ask Me Anything) will be with Datrium on Thursday the 26th of April at 12:00 noon Pacific time.

You can watch the stream live on YouTube or sign up through FaceBook and get reminded. If you cannot make it live, we will post the recording to YouTube, just make sure to fill out the form below if you want a question asked.

Alastair will be moderating the AMA and asking the questions for you. To answer the questions, we will have three Datrium staff; covering the business side, the Technology itself, and the real field experience with customers. The idea of the AMA is to get answers to your questions, the more questions we have from you, the better the AMA.

You can submit questions ahead of time using the form below or during the AMA tweet your questions to @vBrownBag. The very best question from the audience will be rewarded with a $300 Amazon gift card.

There will be prizes for other people who ask questions too, like this hat and flask:

As usual, the prizes can only be shipped to US addresses, although questions are welcome from anywhere.