Pivot3 supports TechTalks at VMworld EMEA

It is always nice to welcome new sponsors and I am delighted that Pivot3 has chosen to support the vBrownBag TechTalks at VMworld EMEA. Pivot3 is a hyperconverged vendor with some very interesting policy based management, including storage QoS.

While I’m talking about TechTalks, you can find all of the VMworld USA 2017 TechTalks in this playlist on YouTube. We recorded 72 TechTalks in Las Vegas, which is nearly as many as we recorded across both VMworld conferences in 2016. We should record another 40 in Barcelona starting tomorrow. If you are here in Barcelona, then take a look at the list in the Content Catalog and take in some vBrownBag. If you are not here then you can watch the live stream on our TechTalks Live page, we start at 11:00 am Barcelona time (you can find your equivalent local time here) On Wednesday we start at the same time and on Thursday at 8:45 am