vBrownBag Round Table Podcast

We will be doing a few new vBrownBag things this year.

You may have already seen the announcement of the first vBrownBag Build Day. We will be live streaming both on this site and on our facebook page. The live event will happen next Thursday, starting at 9 am Pacific time.

But that is not what this post is about. We have decided to do some different content. In particular to share our thoughts about the IT industry and the role of the data center professional in the industry. We will talk about career progression and skills to acquire along the way. We may well suggest that you watch more vBrownBag content and we may suggest that you gain some non-technical skills along the way. Episodes will be brief, no more than 20 minutes, and will have four vBrownBag crew members sharing their thoughts and experience. We will have episodes with different focuses, the first few will be aimed at people just starting a career in the data center. Later we will look at the cloud part of your data center future as well as advanced skill and non-technical skills.

This is episode zero, Jeffery and I talk through the idea of the podcast and how we want it to run. Shortly I will post the first real episode with a few more of the vBrownBag crew.

I will add the iTunes link as soon as Apple authorize the new podcast. For those of you using alternative podcatchers, the podcast URL is https://vbrownbag.com/category/vbrownbag-lolcategory/vbrownbagroundtable/feed/